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Freelance Bold*:
A library of resources for ambitious freelance writers.

Want to run a profitable freelance writing business and be happy and balanced? You'll love it here.

*bold, adj.

(of a person, action, or idea) showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous

freelance bold is for you if you're already freelancing full time and you want to:

  • Earn more by working with better-paying clients
  • Get organized and have strong processes
  • Plan your freelance projects with boundaries and without burnout
  • Set and hit goals for your career and income
  • Be known for what you do, build a strong referral network, and continuously upskill as a writer

I'm pretty sure I've no less than 5 of your posts bookmarked. I *love* the way you distill so much encouragement and so many tactics for other writers."

The website is on the way. It will be worth the wait—and I'm just getting started.

(In case you're wondering: Freelance Bold is run by Marijana Kay, freelance writer for top B2B SaaS companies including CoSchedule, Pipedrive, ConvertKit, and more.)

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